Welcome to the Bumpkin Bunny Applications!
Dear Human,

   Welcome to my small website which is dedicated for mobile games and utilities, including the ones my lazy developer team made for you. Niff! I asked my inferiors to keep the site as simple as possible, so hopefully you won't get lost among the pages. Well, currently I can provide you with three applications made by us (I told you, they are all lazy!), but those are real rabbit-taste-stuffs, full of mysteries, beautiful girls or magic QR codes..
I hope you'll enjoy the the time you spend here.. Contact me if you have questions, or some advice about how to make our things better.. But I warn you, I demand a bottle of beer after every word I have to read up and interpret from your email :-)
Your favorite rabbit, the dream of every woman out there,

PS. Hmmm, I have a diary which is mostly about our developments. Click here to visit it.